Internship Program

The HABA Internship Program connects Harvard students, HBCU, and community college students in teams of two at organizations, equipping students for community-oriented, equity-centric careers. HABA Black-Owned Business Support offers pro bono business and legal support to Black-owned organizations..

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Internship roles differ in terms of the number of applicants, skill area, and eligible schools. Based on your responses to the following questions, we’ll assign you to review one or more internship roles. In making assignments, our top priority is staying within your volunteered time range, especially since we cannot grant extensions: the March 25th deadline is final. Within that, we work hard to assign roles that fit with your areas of expertise where you can act as a subject matter expert. Our ability to do this depends on the mix of roles and of volunteer reviewer backgrounds. If we can meet your preferences, we do..